Te fit-Tazza Collections

Welcome to our world. A number of collections all with their story to tell and memories to invoke. As a studio we aim  to capture and document Malta’s wealth of identity.

Maltatype Collab

This Collaboration gives us the opportunity to further our exploration of the Maltese identity through Maltatype’s extensive documentation of local Typography.

One thing we could definitely agree with Maltatype is the lack of preservation of such important features that makes up the Maltese aesthetics. With this premise, we wanted to identify such local heritage and how in modern times it can be embraced, cultivated and celebrated.

Elements of Malta

On a journey of nostalgia through the alleys of our past, we remember all the things that make us who we are, our past, our present and our location.

The Elements of Malta represent all of the things that make Malta what it is and its people who they are.

Colours of Malta

At Te fit-Tazza, we know that Maltese life surrounds us in every way. We are constantly thrilled by a dancing, changing colour palette, whether as we stare at Valletta’s horizon or crave the warmth of a stunning Riviera sunset.
The Colours of Malta collection is a celebration of the vibrant and iconic scenes of our beautiful country, presented in their purest form.

Maltadoors Collab

Grounding this collaboration is a simple premise based on a mutual vision which preserves memory through visuals. This is realised through research and documentation, coupled with a love and heightened sensibility for our urban environment, and distinguished by a strong sense of style and aesthetic.

This series of photographs cum illustrations, reveals the oft’ hidden patterns found in Maltese architecture. Rather than the honey-coloured limestone facades, these images highlight the quirkiness, individuality, playfulness as well as evident pride of homeowners.

Series 1

Malta boasts a wealth of identity. It is found in how we act, how we interact and how we present ourselves both socially and visually.

It can be said that a strong sense of tradition, pride and patriotism can be attributed to this abundance of distinction.

Series 2

This collection represents a humble progression on how we approached our new collection. For our second series, we opted to adjust the viewpoint and highlight the play between the subjects and their surroundings.

We collected memories set in totally different scenes, capturing their raw, untold beauty, bringing them to your attention, even though at times they might be taken for granted. We felt the need to showcase our own interpretation for this series as we changed lens whilst interacting in our own space.

Clubs Series

Much of our present is molded across our past, making us in essence, who and what we are. Innately, we tend to look back and reminisce over bygone days, all too often wearing the rose-tinted lenses of nostalgia. It is simply one way in which nature waves its wondrous wand. We’ve all had our youth-driven thrills and spills, where many sought solace and sanctuary within the world of nightclubs. It is this philosophy and mindset which heralded our next series, an odyssey across three iconic Maltese nightclubs traversing different eras. Each one has its own tale to tell, its own aesthetics, sub-culture and subliminal message.

Maltese Lira Series

With the evident function of money in a world of commodities and the pursuit of happiness, we decided to change our viewing lens and focus on the form and how this daily piece of paper carries with it a wealth of identity.

Money is one of those subjects that covers a whole spectrum of conversation; from an ingenious discovery of convenience to a star player in some forms of human expression. In our journey to explore the Maltese identity and aesthetics, this often tabooed subject was way too exciting and relevant to ignore.