JAD Jewellery Collab.

This collaboration is an exploration of some of the forms, colours and visual language that make up the beautiful Maltese islands.

Drawing inspiration from three beloved buildings from our collections, examples of the local urban landscape that are so unique.

Villa Mon Nid

Drawing from the visual language of Villa Mon Nid, this piece reflects the geometric angles that make up the rubble wall inspired cladding on the facade, as well as the earthy colours that adorn this beautiful modernist Villa.

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Ir-Rialto draws inspiration from our very own illustration that forms part of our Series 2 collection. Exploring the forms and colours found on the illustration to create a piece of jewellery that encapsulates the atmosphere this building presents. 

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Il-Villa ta’ Birkirkara

Villino celebrates the much loved Villino Grech in Birkirkara. Somewhat of an urban icon in Birkirkara, due to it’s stilted platform, and use of colour. This piece celebrates the geometry and colours of this remarkable building.

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About this Collaboration

For our next collaboration, we teamed up with italian duo JAD Jewellery. Gioia and Ivano started back in 2015, binded by their shared appreciation for the link between emotion and nature. This theme is prevalent in their body of work to date. We met Gioia and Ivano through the Malta Creative Collective, and in this case, the spirit of collaboration that the collective promotes has helped us to explore beyond our usual domain, with this being our first experimentation outside the realm of fine art prints. 

The collection serves as an abstraction of some of our most revered works, by reducing these buildings to their very simplest forms and colour we have created an ode to these marvellous examples of local architecture, that comes in the form of bold, colourful jewellery. 

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