The Final Touch

to your Beautiful Space


We’re happy to finally present this new offering to our growing community.

In the past years, we had many people asking for help to finish
their beautiful spaces with some Te fit-Tazza prints.


This page was specifically created to give all the information

we have available explaining our process and what we can offer.

Introducing custom sizes

We're happy to announce that we're introducing 3 new sizes on some of our prints.

Hand-made frames

We partnered with DOTA frames to offer high-quality hand-made framing.

80+ Prints

A wide selection of prints and sizes allows you to create unique combinations

We tried answering as many questions as possible…

However, if something is not clear or we missed something, please send us a message so we can further assist you.

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What are your standard sizes?

Our standard sizes depend on the particular collection. We have collections that come in 30cm X 30cm size, others in 50cm X 70cm and we recently introduced a new collection in A3 (29.7cm x 42cm).

Do you offer custom sizes?

We do offer custom sizes on our open run collections however, it is very important we keep the same ratio as the original print.

Please find the 3 custom size variations available:

30cm X 30cm Standard size
10cm X 10cm Custom Size
50cm X 50cm Custom Size
100cm X 100cm Custom Size

50cm X 70cm Standard size
30cm X 42cm Custom Size (A3)
65cm X 90cm Custom Size
100cm X 150cm Custom Size

Custom sizes are available with a minimum spend of €300.

Why don’t you offer all collections in custom sizes?

Custom sizes are offered only on open run collections. We do not offer custom sizes on prints which are a limited run and numbered.

Do you handle delivery?

Yes we do. Please specify if you need delivery so we can quote accordingly.

Large orders and large custom frames carry a delivery charge which is automatically added to the quote.

What frames do you offer?

You can choose between a white frame & a wooden frame for your order. Framed prints are available for viewing at our shop in Sliema.

Souvenirs That Don’t Suck
108, Manwel Dimech Street,

We offer only these frames as a standard option. If you want to choose another frame you can order unframed prints (available on all orders) alternatively you can check out the frames selection at our frame-maker DOTA Frames in Fgura and we will be able to follow up and quote accordingly. (Available only for large orders)

What are the sizes of your standard size framed prints?

Unframed vs Framed Sizes


10cm X 10cm = 13cm X 13cm (no mount)
30cm X 30cm = 33cm X 33cm (no mount)
50cm X 50cm = 53cm X 53cm (no mount)
100cm X 100cm = 105cm X 105cm (no mount)

30cm X 42cm = 42cm X 54cm (including a 5cm white mount)
50cm X 70cm = 63cm X 83cm (including a 5cm white mount)
65cm X 90cm = 78cm X 103cm (including a 5cm white mount)
100cm X 150cm = 105cm X 155cm (No mount)

Where can I see all the collections available?

To view all our collections and available prints please visit:

You can also visit our shop in Sliema were we have a large selection of framed prints on display.

Souvenirs That Don’t Suck
108, Manwel Dimech Street,

I'm interested in your prints. Where do I start?

At Te fit-Tazza we follow the advice of our older generations and as they say… Il-ħobż tih lil min jaf jieklu (find the best person for the job so you avoid being disappointed)

With this in mind, we suggest you start off by discussing your idea with your architect or interior designer. They can help you choose the best combination of prints, colours, frames and sizes to make sure that the final prints fit perfectly in your beautiful space. This link should give you all the information you need however please feel free to contact us should you have more questions.

We do not offer such services and consultations as our expertise as an art studio is to celebrate the Maltese identity through our products. We tend to be biased with our personal taste when asked to choose the best prints for your space.

What information do I need to send to Te fit-Tazza?

Once you decide how our prints fit your beautiful space, we will need the below information so we can quote and follow up accordingly.

Project Details
Company Details
VAT Number (if applicable)
A brief summary of the project
Selection of prints including sizes
Framed / Unframed
Frame colour – White / Wood

Please make sure prints selected and sizes match what we have on offer as explained above.

How fast can I have my order?

Deadlines are very important for us and we will always try to help you meet your deadlines however hand made frames and custom sizes do take time to produce so please plan ahead and don’t leave everything for the last minute.

Usually, we can supply standard sizes in 2-4weeks depending on quantity. For large orders and custom sizes, we will include timelines during the quoting stage.

From our experience projects can run smoother when full information is provided from the start and both parties avoid delays during quote approval and deposit payment.

Can you do a mock-up or proposal for us?

We do not offer this service.

We suggest you discuss this with your designer or architect. Let us know if you need more information from our side. 

Can you come on location to give us your suggestions?

Unfortunately, we do not offer this service.
We believe discussing this with the people handling the project is essential to make sure the selected prints complement your very own beautiful space.

We promise you we invest our time and focus making sure we present our prints the best we can 🙂

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