We’re a Maltese art studio intrigued by the mix of local aesthetic and identity

The Maltese islands boast a wealth of identity, evident to the eye in how we act and we interact and, to an extent, how we present ourselves both socially and visually. It would be fair to state that this abundance of distinction may be rooted in a strong sense of tradition, pride and patriotism.

We are based in Malta, and over the past years, we have been studying forms and visual elements that define the Maltese identity, culture & aesthetic.

Prints for Beautiful Spaces

It all started with a simple concept – that of intertwining fresh design with high-quality, Maltese-inspired prints.

The Unexplained: Ghost Stories from Malta and Beyond (Plus Edition)

Don’t expect to find predictable stories about rattling chains and headless knights, about dark, stormy nights and misty cemeteries, embellished over the years until no one remembers how and when they started…

These first-hand accounts are extraordinary because they are so unexpected, so far removed from the eerie ghosts of legend. There are stories of benevolent spirits who have saved people’s lives, apparitions of people who are still alive, malicious poltergeists haunting houses which are lived in to this very day and demons that have driven terrified families out of their homes.

Since the first edition was published in 2001, the author has chronicled a number of new stories and has also added spine-tingling postscripts to the original ones, recounting similar experiences that happened to other people.

The result is a collection of over 60 fascinating true stories, based in Malta and overseas.

Believe them if you dare.

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Colours of Malta

Introducing our new Colours of Malta print: Coral Lagoon.

This natural wonder is located at the tip of Aħrax, it has both access from the sea and also from the cliffs, for the daredevils that jump into its waters from above. The lagoon is a popular spot for snorkelers, as well as adventurers who are exploring the cliffs of the area by boat or by kayak.

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Te fit-Tazza X JAD Jewellery Collab.

This collaboration is an exploration of some of the forms, colours and visual language that make up the beautiful Maltese islands.

Drawing inspiration from three beloved buildings from our collections, examples of the local urban landscape that are so unique.

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30cm x 30cm

Elements of Malta

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Colours of Malta

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30cm x 42cm (A3)


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Richard England

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50cm x 70cm

Series 1

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Club Series

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Series 2

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95cm x 51cm

Maltese Lira Collection

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Te fit-Tazza X Maltatype Collab

This Collaboration gives us the opportunity to further our exploration of the Maltese identity through Maltatype’s extensive documentation of local Typography.

One thing we could definitely agree with Maltatype is the lack of preservation of such important features that makes up the Maltese aesthetic. With this premise, we wanted to identify such local heritage and how it can be embraced, cultivated and celebrated in modern times.

Our Prints, your Space

We love nothing more than seeing you flex your creative muscles by picking the perfect spots for our Te fit-Tazza illustrations. We’ve seen the respect you show art pieces and find it glorious. Potted plants compliment artworks perfectly, and when we see traditional features of a Maltese home our heart melts. Alternatively, a traditional piece fits a modern home well, as it shows the contrasts which are often huge talking points within society. We are keen to see more of our work in your homes, so remember to tag us in your Instagram posts, and we might even share your beautiful space with our followers.

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Our Retail Space in Sliema

Have you visited our retail space in Sliema? We always have both unframed and framed prints in stock and ready to take home. Also check out our sister brand Souvenirs That Don’t Suck whilst you are at it!

A New Te fit-Tazza Space in Valletta

We’ve been working for over a year to find another space for both our brands. The idea is a new retail shop for Souvenirs That Don’t Suck and a multifunctional creative space for Te fit-Tazza.

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Souvenirs That Don’t Suck

In 2018 we announced that Te fit-Tazza has acquired Souvenirs That Don’t Suck in Malta. Souvenirs That Don’t Suck is a brand aimed at creating modern and playful Malta- themed gifts, in an effort to fight the worldwide epidemic of bad souvenirs. T-shirts, tote bags, mugs and more.

Whilst both brands remain distinct and true to their nature, this exciting adventure unlocked new potential for both brands to provide a vast array of inspirational and beautifully-designed products.

Reading Corner.

Mon Nid Facade
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Prints for beautiful spaces.