5 Year Anniversary

We’re celebrating our 5th year since launching our first collections back in August 2016 in Mdina.

To celebrate this milestone, we set up an exhibition displaying all the works released to date at our Souvenirs That Don’t Suck shop in Sliema.

We’re also releasing a commemorative print limited to 25 unique editions. Click here to view more

Since 2016 our focus has always been to celebrate Maltese aesthetics and unique aspects of our culture. We released over 100 different illustrations, spread across 11  collections, with 3 of these being in collaboration with fellow Maltese creative, Maltatype, photographer Lisa Gwen, from Maltadoors & architect Richard England.

The main scope of our work relates to architecture, the beautiful colour palette landscapes of the islands, and the history that has shaped the nation into what it is today. This was presented through various exhibitions and launch events throughout the years.

A defining moment in our journey was acquiring the souvenir brand ‘Souvenirs That Don’t Suck’ in 2018. This opportunity broadened the scope to cover not only art prints but also merchandise related to Malta.

Moving into the retail game presented an exciting learning curve and an unexpected opportunity to increase our reach offline. In July 2020, we opened our second store in Valletta.

Being present in our capital city was always a personal ambition for all of us, and while we had to endure the chaos the covid-19 pandemic brought with it, we are delighted we managed to push through with our projects.

While we understand that we are still in our early years, we look forward and can’t wait to be celebrating our next five years.

Setting up our very first exhibition

Our very first photoshoot right after our launch. Special thanks to our friends Ed Muscat Azzopardi & Thomas Camilleri for all their help and support

One of our most important announcements in the last 5 years

Say Hello to Better Walls