Malta Creative Collective

For those of you that visited our exhibition at the Splendid Hotel in Valletta in 2017, you probably remember how collaborations and support were at the core of this project. Since the day we launched, we had the opportunity to meet and work with some fantastic people, and many around us supported us in unimaginable ways. It was at this exhibition that we met Rossella, one of the two founders of the Malta Creative Collective (the other being Carla Grima).

Fast forward two years and this introduction flourished into a friendship and a great amount of valuable experiences within the Collective.

It’s felt like a logical next step for us to share with you some insights into how the Collective helped us and we hope to inspire you to look at the community around you as a valuable resource.

Creative Meetups:

Periodically MCC organises meetups where new members are introduced, and attendees have the opportunity to meet others. These meetups are great when you’re looking for new creatives to help you with your work. During one of our last meetups, we all discussed opportunities for creatives in malta and calling this insightful would be an understatement.

​Creative Circuit ep1 & ep2:

MCC took the lead to organise two episodes of the creative circuit. The idea is simple. A number of creatives, reflecting the spirit of the Collective, exhibiting across emerging & established spaces in Valletta. We got the opportunity to exhibit at Studio 87 alongside sculptor Sallyanne Morgan.


At the core of everything, the Malta Creative Collective creates a sense of community that we often refer to when we need some assistance on one of our projects. Our small community of creatives in Malta need to work together so we can all aim for greater things.


Every little help and when a platform with a valuable audience takes the initiative to share their reach with you, you should take it. Through a series of interviews, the MCC helped us share with their audience some insights on how we operate as an art studio.

Follow the Malta Creative Collective on Facebook and Instagram for updates and visit their website if you want to find out how to become a member.

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