Welcome to the Te fit-Tazza Family

An exciting next step…

​When we launched Te fit-Tazza in August 2016, our idea was simple: create meaningful products that evoke a sense of belonging to our audience.

​Today, we’re excited to announce that Te fit-Tazza has acquired Souvenirs That Don’t Suck in Malta. Though this might seem as fresh news for you, this comes off the back of months of research, hard work and exciting discussions. Extra significance was given to ensure that both brands can thrive under a new umbrella while maintaining a strong DNA, brought forward by all parties involved.

​We feel honoured Christopher & Amanda, entrusted us with the new chapter for the Souvenirs That Don’t Suck brand and this opportunity motivates us to keep building on the strong foundations and vision they created throughout the years.

​We’re going into this next step of our adventure fully committed to maintaining what made both brands work, an unbendable pursuit of quality and an equally important commitment to not taking ourselves too seriously.

​Te fit-Tazza is committed to maintaining the positive shop experience that existing customers have grown accustomed to, a space which aims to welcome people and create a human environment which is focused on building relationships and a zone which can inspire us to innovate further. In addition, Te fit-Tazza will be relocating to this space and realizing it as a central point of its’ operations, in order to improve accessibility for our community.

Whilst both brands will remain distinct and true to their nature, this exciting adventure will surely unlock new potential for both brands as we expand our current operations towards new and uncharted territories, ensuring the market is provided with a vast array of inspirational and beautifully-designed products.

We are excited to find out what this collaboration will bring about in the years to come. A lot can happen, but we can definitely promise it will be a blast!

This journey wouldn’t have been so amazing without all of you, we would like to thank you for your ongoing support and hope to keep moving side by side as we progress further with our journey.

Here’s to the adventure ahead,

Andrew, Craig & Simon

Malta Creative Collective